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Large-scale events gather people from various countries, we help them find a common language

Sports translation most often involves the interpretation (oral translation) of major events viewed by the whole world. Therefore, the requirements for interpreters of sport topics are higher, and the selection process more stringent.

Interpreters taking part in major events bear a great responsibility, and the demands placed on them are very strict. The most important of these requirements is, of course, their highest level of professionalism. The expert should:

  • be proficient in the languages from which and into which the translation would be carried out;
  • be well-versed in the subject of their assigned event.

Experts carrying out simultaneous interpreting must be well-spoken and have well-developed memory. Only in this case would they be able to quickly and, most importantly, correctly translate the phrases spoken by the participants of the event, and their interpretation would be well heard.

Written translation for sport

  • Translation of text by specialists in the subject area
  • Editing the text by expert in the domain
  • Online translation of the news and suggested linguistic support of the site around the clock online
  • Overnight translation
  • Translation of slogans, index names, information stand, guidebooks, and other text
  • Translation of documents for VIP
  • MultiLanguage support
  • Translation of reports of high state officials
  • First of complex names, etc.
  • High-speed on-site execution of translation

The customers of our agency can count not only on quality translations, but also on the following benefits:


before covering an event, we carefully study its specifics and build our work based on it


information that the TransLink translators work with when rendering translation services is under no circumstances ever disclosed to third parties


in our work, we use the most advanced equipment and technology (particularly designed for interpretation purposes)

We translate over 120 languages

120 languages 120 languages

Trusted by

The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Moscow is hereby expressing its gratitude to LLC Translation Agency (TransLink) for the linguistic support it provided at the Luxembourg-European Business Center Forum.

The linguistic support of the FISU Executive Committee meeting and the General Assembly was organised and carried out at the highest level thanks to the first-class management and high-quality implementation of the project by TransLink.

The specialists of the company have successfully coped with all the volumes of the required translations. Throughout the entire period of our cooperation, TransLink has proved to be a reliable and responsible partner capable of quickly providing high quality translation services.

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