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Simultaneous Interpreting

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We have a wealth of experience of working with major, private, international, and governmental organisations

Simultaneous interpreting saves time, and avoids unnecessarily tiring out your audience. What’s more, translation can be carried out into a number of target languages concurrently (in this case, a larger team of translators work on the speech delivered).
TransLink Translation Agency has been offering simultaneous interpreting services both in Moscow and other regions in Russia, CIS countries and abroad for over ten years.

Consecutive interpreting services

While working at events, interpreters undergo huge psychological and emotional stress, comparable to that of pilots (an interpreter's heart rate sometimes reaches 160 beats per minute). Therefore, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs and alternate every 20-30 minutes. The payment of two simultaneous interpreters is always higher than that of a single interpreter.

You can use our Cost Calculator service to find out more about the cost of this service. (It will provide you with the approximate price. The final price of this translation service depends on the length of the events, the topic of the meeting, and the location.) Alternatively, you can find out the exact price, including all the details, by contacting one of our managers. To do so, fill out an application form on our site.

Event materials

Dear clients, we would like to remind you that it is vital that our interpreters prepare in advance of the event. Therefore, you need to provide them with the relevant reports, presentations, theses and speeches.

The more detailed information you provide to interpreters, the easier it is for them to work. Having had the chance to fully immerse themselves in the topic, interpreters can then go on to provide higher quality services, ensuring the success of the event. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you discuss any abbreviations and specialised terminology used in your text with the interpreters.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment

TransLink Translation Agency provides its own equipment for use during simultaneous interpreting that has proven itself to be of high quality and appropriate for events of any level:

  • The International Salon "Integrated Security 2011"
  • Skolkovo Foundation events
  • The Defence and Protection 2012 exhibition
  • The Third International Conference on Innovation Development in the Oil & Gas Industry - ENERCON 2012;
  • The Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century Forum
  • The Universiade - 2013, etc.

Prices of Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting differs from other types of translation in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Speakers can deliver their speech without pauses for translation, which allows them to hold the attention of and assess the mood of the audience in the hall and react naturally in response;
  • The time required for the event is considerably reduced compared to the use of consecutive translation with pauses;
  • A speech can be translated into multiple target languages concurrently.

Why should you order simultaneous interpreting with TransLink?

TransLink Translation Agency employs only the most professional and highly qualified simultaneous interpreters, who have a wealth experience of working at international events of the highest level under their belts. Our company uses only the highest quality equipment that has proven itself to be ideally suited to the work and has always fulfilled our clients' expectations.

The cost of simultaneous interpreting with TransLink

You can use our Cost Calculator service to find out more about the cost of our translations services, or contact one of our managers directly or by filling out an application form on our site. However, it is important to remember that each situation is unique and will thus have different details, i.e. the venue. The cost of simultaneous interpreting in Moscow may differ from services provided in other regions because the cost of transportation shall be included in the price.
We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality and conditions offered by our company!

We are proud of our work with partners such as:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia during the Russia's presidency of the G8

TEF 2006 (Technical Economic Forum), The Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum 2007

SPIEF 2008

The International Investment Forum in Sochi 2008

The Eurovision Song Content 2009

The 21st Congress of the Association of Russian Banks

The 10th Moscow International Energy Forum “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the XXI Century”

The Universiade 2013