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Medical Translation

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Medical translation in terms of complexity can be compared with the translation of highly specialised technical texts.

If this type of translation is carried out by non-specialists or translators who do not specialise in the medical field and are not familiar with the specificity of the source text’s subject, this often results in a poor-quality translation. The consequences can be disastrous.

This service may be required when you need a translation of medical assessments, the results of clinical studies and the testing of medicines. When introducing new imported equipment, there is often a need for a translation of the operating instructions. Those people who are going to have medical treatment abroad may also need medical translation.

We carry out the translation of the following types of medical documentation:

  • academic articles, reports, seminar and conference materials;
  • results of the approbation of medicines;
  • imported equipment documentation;
  • pharmaceutical documentation;
  • texts for medical websites.

The number of our regular customers is growing, and it is one of the major indicators of the quality of our medical translation services.

TransLink’s extensive experience in providing medical translations along with its excellent reputation enable us to successfully cooperate with such prominent customers as Quintiles, Alliance Healthcare, Lek Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer International, Binnopharm JSC, LUSH, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, KMA Medical & Scientic GmbH, Alcon Inc., Philips MEDI Expo etc.

our specialists have extensive experience in translating medical texts and years of successful work in this field

Among our in-house translators, there are translation experts who have relevant qualifications, specialist training, as well as the knowledge base necessary for the accurate translation of medical texts, articles and assessments of any complexity level. In our work, we successfully use the Translation Memory technology, which significantly simplifies the translation process as well as makes it faster and cheaper.

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The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Moscow is hereby expressing its gratitude to LLC Translation Agency (TransLink) for the linguistic support it provided at the Luxembourg-European Business Center Forum.

The linguistic support of the FISU Executive Committee meeting and the General Assembly was organised and carried out at the highest level thanks to the first-class management and high-quality implementation of the project by TransLink.

The specialists of the company have successfully coped with all the volumes of the required translations. Throughout the entire period of our cooperation, TransLink has proved to be a reliable and responsible partner capable of quickly providing high quality translation services.

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