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Energy and Engineering

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Exploration and production activities with direct access to the world markets bring about both new opportunities and additional difficulties, including the issues of mutual understanding.

The development of cooperation in the energy sphere is connected with the globalisation of the economy. In today’s world, there is an active exchange of energy and commodity resources, technological innovations and modern production equipment. To maintain the momentum of their development and retain their competitive position in the industry, large enterprises need to continually expand their sphere of business contacts at the international level.

It is often the case that translation for energy companies is associated with the compliance with not only commercial but also national interests. Therefore, the work with energy and engineering documentation requires of the translator to treat these documents with the strictest confidentiality. Here at TransLink, our specialists guarantee to protect both commercial and State secrets.

Cooperation with TransLink gives you an opportunity to get the high-quality translations of the following types of technical documentation:

  • diagrams, technical drawings of various formats, other design documentation;
  • specifications;
  • equipment descriptions;
  • operational materials and presentations;
  • equipment operating instructions;
  • technical supplements to contractual agreements;
  • scientific and technical literature

Here at TransLink, our specialists work on engineering and energy translations for the commercial enterprises of the national scale.

Among the customers of our company are federal-level government institutions. TransLink performs translations for the organisations which are guarding the country’s security. If you want a reliable and highly accurate translation, please come and speak to us here at TransLink.

Energy and engineering translation is associated with the accurate interpretation of technical terms.

Besides, the work with this type of text requires of the translator to understand the specificity of this field. The best option is a translator who, apart from linguistic education, has also received engineering education, enabling him or her to perform the translation of engineering documentation with the accurate rendering of the source text’s essence and technical component.

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The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Moscow is hereby expressing its gratitude to LLC Translation Agency (TransLink) for the linguistic support it provided at the Luxembourg-European Business Center Forum.

The linguistic support of the FISU Executive Committee meeting and the General Assembly was organised and carried out at the highest level thanks to the first-class management and high-quality implementation of the project by TransLink.

The specialists of the company have successfully coped with all the volumes of the required translations. Throughout the entire period of our cooperation, TransLink has proved to be a reliable and responsible partner capable of quickly providing high quality translation services.

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