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Consecutive Interpreting

Translink Language Solutions

We have a wealth of experience of working with major, private, international, and governmental organisations

Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting where an interpreter translates the text after the source-language speaker has finished speaking and/or makes a pause. This particular translation service is most often use at meetings with foreign partners, during speeches at congresses and forums, and at presentations, exhibitions, business negotiations, meetings, and video-conferences where the audience is small in number or the use of simultaneous interpreting is not appropriate.

Consecutive interpreting services

TransLink Translation Agency offers consecutive interpreting services for:

  • business meetings and negotiations;
  • telephone conversations and teleconferences;
  • excursions;
  • public events (briefings, conferences, seminars, congresses, press-conferences, etc.)

Prices of Consecutive Interpreting

You can use our Cost Calculator service to find out more about the cost of this service. (It will provide you with the approximate price. The final price of this translation service depends on the length of the events, the topic of the meeting, and the location.) Alternatively, you can find out the exact price, including all the details, by contacting one of our managers. To do so, fill out an application form on our site.

Professional interpreters of the highest level

who have a wealth of experience of working at events of different levels, complexity, and scale.

In order to cope with the daunting task of consecutive interpreting, interpreters must not only possess excellent knowledge of the language and etiquette, have high stress tolerance and a broad outlook, but also have a well-trained memory, allowing them to retain large amounts of text of the speaker's speech.