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What is more important to translate – the product, promotional material, site, or all at once?

If you are one of those lucky ones whose product requires neither descriptions nor technical support, the choice is obvious: it simply needs to be sold. For better or worse, though, there are increasingly more “translation-heavy” products that just won’t have any effect on the consumer without being translated and adapted for the new market.

Advanced technologies and a three-tier translation quality control system

Strict observance of deadlines for all projects

Automatic end-to-end control of variable retention

End-to-end supervision of terminology and quality of translations

International-level translators and high-caliber editors with years of experience

Creation and maintenance of unique glossary for each project

A lifetime quality assurance for all translations

Linguistic testing

A big pool of voice actors

New business horizons with TransLink

TransLink Translation Agency, in addition to a wide range of other services, offers the service of the localization of your materials and software. Localization involves the translation of the material and its adaptation to the linguistic and cultural differences of individual regional markets.

Marketing translation

Marketing texts are not translated as much as they are rewritten. This process, combining translation and copywriting, is designed to produce something that will have the same impact on the audience, regardless of how much the text changes. To accomplish this, we employ the services of highly qualified specialists who are experts in the culture and language of the countries in question, capable of adapting your message to foreign audiences.

Comprehensive approach

We offer a complete solution covering a full range of language services required to help you bring a localized product or content to the market – quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and at the required level of quality. We localize all kinds of software, video games, apps, websites, and promotional materials.

If I'm selling to you, I speak your language. If I'm buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.
Willy Brandt Chancellor of West Germany in 1969-74

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