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Translink Language Solutions


Since 2003, TransLink Linguistic Holding has organized oral translation at international events on a global scale, as well as comprehensive linguistic support including but not limited to written translations, localization, and training. We can find a specialist anywhere in the world to work on international projects: whether it be building a gas pipeline or organizing the training of foreign partners to operate new equipment.

Effective solutions

We use a consultancy approach when selecting personnel for your company’s projects. This approach takes into account both the professional skills and the personal qualities required for a particular project. In the end, you will get a professional who not only has the necessary ompetencies to execute your project, but is also suitable for the format of the event or meeting.


A successful event with international participation is an equation with multiple variables. Success is not only based on the interpreter, but also on the specialized equipment. Quality sound at the event allows for:

  • a comfortable work environment;
  • observance of time regulations;
  • upgrading the quality of the event.

For excellent sound quality, we use Bosch Integrus, a digital simultaneous interpretation and sound distribution system.

Telephone conversations and teleconferences

Guided tours

Negotiations and business dealings

Consecutive interpreting

Whispered translation — translation for one listener, without special equipment

Public Events

International meetings with the participation of state representatives

Simultaneous interpreting