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Educational services for business growth

Achieve the desired result in learning English, build strong relationships with foreign partners, while saving the time and money of the company. Truth or Fiction?

To prove the reality of this assertion, the largest translation bureau in Eastern Europe has created an educational institution named "TransLink-Education". English language learning programs for each client are developed here individually, taking into account the characteristics of the students, their level of proficiency in the language and the business sector.

A three-stage control system allows for the selection of the best teachers

And the combination of interactive and classical techniques enhances the effectiveness and speed of achieving the goal of each individual student in the knowledge of the foreign language!

The main principle in studying English is an individual approach

An individual training program

is meticulously selected for each company. Special attention is paid to the business area in which the company operates. A road-map for staff training is developed based on the specifics and requirements of the business.

Business English

can be taught at your company's office as well as at our office. If employees embark on business trips frequently, you can choose distance learning - we have our own distance learning platform.


are proficient in innovative techniques and are successfully using them in classes, which contributes to the rapid achievement of the learning objectives of the foreign language.

The Methodology Department

processes each application for training so that the training material can be adapted as much as possible regardless of the specialization of the company.

We offer your company's employees a corporate English course in the following areas:

Business English

General English Language Course

English for Special Purposes

Spoken English

As well as the following additional services:

Language proficiency assessments

Independent testing

Advanced training of translators


Listeners reached a higher level than they planned


Students achieved their learning goals


Listeners do not experience difficulties in communicating in a foreign language

10 000

Listeners learned how to communicate freely in English with colleagues and clients