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TransLink is a dynamically developing linguistic holding company with ambitious goals.

We are one of the leading Eastern European translation organizations. TransLink provides comprehensive services for linguistic support of business.

The company offers employees:

  • Participation in large-scale translation projects
  • Financial Accounting
  • The possibility of continuous development
  • Career growth
  • Competitive salary
  • Work in a young and friendly team
  • Corporate Training Opportunities

The company expects employees to be/have:

  • Goal oriented and taking responsibility for it
  • Focused on customer needs
  • Willing to improve their professional level
  • Communication skills
  • Team players - interacting and collaborating with colleagues

Build Your Career

In our company, it is possible to work both in the office and remotely as a freelancer. Browse vacancies:

If you feel that your vocation is to facilitate understanding between people of different countries and cultures, have translation experience, are stress tolerant, willing to work hard and therefore earn accordingly, then you are a potential employee of our company!