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Helping you understand the world

You will be understood

We manage terms - special software allows us to save and accumulate correct translation of specific terms. Rest assured that the equipment or software will be correctly used in another country.

Protecting your business

Information security system: Long-term cooperation with financial giants means we are able to protect the information that we receive for translation.

Faster than competitors

Translation is a process - in our work we only use advanced translation technologies. They let us save time without compromising the quality. You will enjoy a faster recognition.

100% confidence in quality

International quality standards - business processes of TransLink Holding are accredited according to the international ISO standards. Quality and service level are guaranteed.

Translation right on time

Fine-tuned business processes of the company let us meet the deadlines for your project.

Quality Guarantee

Four steps translation quality control followed by Information technologies and terms management

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We love big projects

For 13 years, we have been solving various tasks of different complexity: from the organization of G8 translation to the language support of the Universiade in Kazan and Almaty. Our specialists have translated hundreds of pages of complex oil and gas documentation for Sakhalin-2 project, arranged simultaneous translation during Eurovision-2009 and even made it to the North Pole!